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JukeRec is an Internet radio recorder and a must-have tool for any online radio enthusiast. This versatile software is available in three different versions. There is a completely free version which provides only the basic set of features for casual users or those who want to try out the software before they upgrade to one of the paid versions.

The next one up is the professional version which costs only a modest $24.95 and provides the full range of features. This is the powerful and unrestricted version for those who need more from their Internet radio recorder.

Finally, there is the TrialPay version for those who want to get the full, professional version of JukeRec using the popular TrialPay program. You can find out more about the various different editions here. The system requirements for all versions are quite low and the download is only 13.49 MB, so it should take just a few minutes on most connections.

The main advantage of using an Internet radio recorder is that you do not need to worry about infringing copyright. Downloading copyrighted music and other media from file sharing protocols is illegal and could land you in trouble if you are found out. By contrast, recording Internet radio is perfectly risk-free, yet you can still continue to build up your music collection, legally. There's no longer any need to worry about getting into trouble.

Pro by TrialPay

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Paid Pro Version

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Standard Version

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Another advantage compared to downloading music is that there is no risk of getting your computer infected with malicious software. People who regularly download pirated material over the Internet or a file sharing protocol are constantly risking their data and their computers since many of these illegal files contain viruses which can harm your computer. JukeRec is a completely safe Internet radio recorder which poses no risk to your computer and your precious data.

JukeRec includes more than two-thousand radio stations. Regardless of your taste in music and regardless of what you want to record, you should have no difficulty in finding some suitable radio stations. There is something for everyone from talk radio to the latest music hits to the classics. You can tune into any of these supported radio stations and start recording from within the program. You do not need to open any browser windows or do anything else outside of the program. You may also add additional radio stations if you find that your favorite ones are not listed.
Thanks to a simple interface that is completely void of confusing characteristics or useless features, JukeRec is also a pleasure to use and no special knowledge is required.

Other features include the ability to search for radio stations within the program, save your favorite ones for easy access later and filter stations based on genre. These features make finding the perfect radio station for you easier and quicker than ever. For anyone who is looking for an easy and convenient way to record Internet radio, JukeRec provides the perfect answer.

Windows 8


This product is compatible with Windows 8

Favorite Radio Stations

You can do this by simply clicking ‘Move to Favorites’ whenever the ‘Station’ box in the ‘Radio Stream’ displays a radio station you like – this will automatically add it to a list containing all your favorites. By going to ‘Options’ you can set the app to check for updates at a specified time interval.

2000 Radio Stations

The program offers an impressive list of Internet radio stations including no less than 2000 names and covering all music tastes - from rock and jazz, to classical and electronic, from hip hop and pop music to children’s radio and reggae, from soul to soundtracks and many more. To the existing stations you can add in the “Stream List” section any other stations you prefer.

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With JukeRec you can manually start and stop a recording and save it into your library. It lets you record sound without running out of memory as long as there's enough space on your hard disk. The program has a nice interface, no useless features, just five large icons to guide you through your streaming and recording experience. JukeRec takes extremely little resource from your system and deliver great sound recording.